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We specialize in conducting estate sales, tag sales, liquidation of entire estate, household downsizing, moving/relocating sales, house clean outs, house cleaning, hauling & junk removal. We are your number 1 source for professional service, We take the work and worry out of estate sale process as we take care of everything from set up to cleanup. Take a look at our services below and see which ones might be right for you.

Florida Estate & Moving Sales
Estate Buy Outs
No. 1 Choice for Professional & Profitable Conducted Esatate sales
We will handle all aspects of the estate sale, including cleaning, dusting, and organizing your items. Proper display "staging" of your items, vast research on your items, pricing your items for the sale, obtaining permits, advertising, all bookkeeping, security & hosting during the actual sale. Clean up and removal of unsold merchandise per your discresion.
House Cleaning
Estate Sale, Moving Sale, Tag Sale
House Clean Outs
Other Services Provided
 Clean Up & Trash Removal
Estate Buy Outs are great option when:
1. The estate needs to generate an immediate income. 
2. Heirs or other family members decide not to have a public estate sale.
3. There is not enough time to properly stage an estate sale.
4. Estate items are located in the storage facility.
5. The decedent's residence is a condiminium, apartment, gated community, or                 anywhere an estate sale is not permitted.
6. The total value of  the estates personal property is not high enough to engage the         services of an estate sale company.
We purchase entire estates, special collections, and single items. Our specialties include art, sterling silver, old books, fine jewelry, antiques, & antique furnitures.

Remove & donate remaining items
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House Clean Outs are great option when:

*If you do not feel you would need an estate sale.
*There's not enough items to conduct a sale.
*The stuff are junk & have no value.
*Tenants move out and left items or trash.
*Just want to get rid the contents of the house as soon as possible.